Fine, unique and adventurous jewellery



PERNILLE LYKKE is a fine and demi fine jewelry brand established in 2020. Pernille Lykke is a self-taught jeweler and has been working in the jewelry business since 2017.

Her designs are driven by the beauty of imperfection. No pieces are the same and they might show small flaws and details that make each one of them unique.

Pernille Lykke finds inspiration in the oriental and especially in the Japanese culture.

“My jewelry reflects my love for the japanese minimalism and with an oriental twist. It's important for me that my jewelry can be used at any occasions but still that every piece stands out and have a unique twist. I only use natural and untreated stones and pearls that make the jewelry unique because every natural gemstone is authentic.


 All the gold pieces are crafted in biogold (refined gold), mostly sustainable pearls, natural untreated sapphires and conflict-free diamonds. To avoid overproduction every piece is handcrafted and made to order at the workshop in Aarhus C.