Stones and pearls

The fine jewellery line 

 The jewelry is made with a respect for the material. Pernille uses mostly sustainable pearls and untreated natural sapphires.
 It’s important when making fine and unique jewelry, that you know the story behind your new jewelry. Therefore every piece that carries a pearl or a natural sapphire comes with a certificate. That way you you have everything you need to know about your stone and no one have the same.

At Marc Harit, they handpick almost all of their pearls at the farms. It's the best way to secure the finest quality and keep a good relation to the pearl farmers. 

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Natural untreated sapphires from Madagascar 
I choose to only use natural untreated stones in my jewellery. I think it's amazing what the earth is able to create. As soon the stones are treated by heating etc. to get a more intensive color, it's not authentic anymore and no longer special and unique. 

At Wennick Lefevre they work with untreated sapphires from Madagascar, and the stones comes in any color of the rainbow. 

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